Etisal Assiut is hiring a Business Development Executive

Etisal Assiut is hiring a Business Development Executive
Etisal Assiut is hiring a Business Development Executive

Etisal Assiut is hiring a #Business #Development #Executive
Main Job Duties:
•Generates ideas & initiatives of services needed by members.
•Following up developments and trends regarding the industry to develop useful information for members (in form of informational support role) and to better understand the market direction and development.
•In accordance with the Etisal Assiut’s short and long-term plans, develop an annual plan for activities & submit to the business development team leader.
•Motivates the Etisal Assiut members to propose new prospective initiatives that serve the strategy of Etisal Assiut.
•Identify problems and challenges facing the industry and report to the Managing Director with recommendations.
•Organizes time, location, agendas and encourage attendance for the meetings monthly, with the Chair coordination.
•Submits monthly follow-up Reports to the managing director.
•Participate in any Etisal Assiut task force external meetings and /or communication.
•Continuously communicating with Etisal Assiut members through surveys or any way else to know their needs from Etisal Assiut.
•Compile past service data into meaningful reports to be submitted to the managing director.
•Attend members’ meetings to understand their demands and needs.
•Suggest programs, initiatives, training, and project requests reflecting members’ needs and requirements to managing director to be implemented.
•Search for new business opportunities based on members’ defined needs and reports to managing director.
•Act as an organizer and facilitator for members’ work.
•Facilitate communication and updates for members’ work as well as documentation and filing for future and other use.
•Follow up with projects and training teams to ensure that members’ requirements and needs are met.
•Attend all business events & conclude a summary & action plans to be followed out of every event.
•Assist marketing team leader in planning and organizing divisional driven conferences and events.
•Implement tasks as assigned by the managing director.
•Knowledge of IT industry needs & it’s needs.
•Business Development capability.
•Professional Microsoft Office user.
•Project management is a preference.
•Command of English & Arabic language.
•Excellent verbal & written communication skills.
•Presentation & pitching skill.
•Creative thinking.
•Hard worker.
•Team worker.
Salary & Benefits:
•Competitive package based on experience & qualifications.
•First three months’ probation.
•Medical & Social insurance.
•Mobile line for communication.
Working Conditions:
It is mainly in the office environment at Etisal Assiut premises in Assiut. Frequent visits to Etisal Assiut members and providers will be needed. Working till evening hours might be needed frequently.
To #apply kindly send your CV to and type “Business Development Executive” at the message title.


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